Company 公司简介

        绍兴上虞新利化工有限公司是ISO9001:2000质量管理体系的认证企业。公司始终坚持 “ 以质量求生存,以 管理求效益,以服务求信誉,以科技求发展 ” 的企业宗旨,致力于符合环保、理化标准的高性能有机颜料产品的 研发、制造。目前已拥有以有机颜料为主,以颜料中间体为辅的五大产品系列。并在产品品质、产品性能和应用效果 方面进行了更加符合用户标准的研发与提升,由此产品在国内和国际均占一定的市场份额。

Shaoxing Shangyu Xinli Chemical industry Co., Ltd. is a ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification enterprises. Company has always adhere to the "quality of survival, to manage for efficiency, service seeking prestige, technology development," corporate purpose, is committed to comply with environmental, physical and chemical standards for high-performance organic pigments product development and manufacturing. It now has mainly organic pigments, pigment intermediates in order to supplement the five product lines. And in product quality, product performance and application effect of the standards were more in line with the development and enhancement of the user, thus products in the domestic and international account for a certain market share.